XYALIS, an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company, offers specialized tools in the area of Design for Manufacturing. XYALIS main tools includes CMP metal-fill and mask data preparation operations.

XYALIS offers as well outstanding consulting resources and expertise in the fields of mask data preparation, DFM (design for manufacturability), DFY (design for yield). We can help you from simple day-by-day consulting to complex mask data preparation flow setup requiring high expertise resources.

Our clients includes :

  • GFI
  • Micron
  • ST Microelectronics
  • E2V
  • Toppan
  • AMTC
  • DNP
  • Auburn University, Alabama, USA
  • CIME Nanotech, Grenoble, FRANCE


Our expertise example

Here is an example of our knowledge and expertise in Mask Data Preparation.
We have developed a complete system for mask ordering in the Semi P10 standard, including Oracle© database repository, automatic import/export data and automatic scripts in order to automatize the whole flow.

To keep cost down and avoid delays in production, ordering photomasks throughout the lifecycle of a chip must be an efficient and repeatable process independent of the changes in photomasks vendors and chip manufacturers.

GTmodus is an enterprise wide repository for all photomask related information, which makes mask ordering easy and safe.

  • Accessible to all design and Mask Data Preparation teams, GTmodus ensures that correct data is timely and securely exchanged across all teams involved, including remote sites and contracting design centers, mask vendors and fabs
  • Helps Mask Data Preparation team’s choice of providers
  • Enforces a robust and repeatable, fully customizable Mask Data Preparation flow, resulting in a correct by design SEMI-P10 compliant Mask Order Form
  • Accessed through an intuitive and customizable web interface


Xyalis integrated MDP solution