As the cost of design and mask sets have dramatically increased with the most advanced processes, it is critical for design teams and mask data preparation teams to include robust and repeatable layout manipulation tools in their flow in order to increase their productivity and remove risk of error.

XYALIS offers a family of converters :


Documentation is an important part of the design process and it is critical to include high quality layout plots to the project reports.

XYALIS GOTdb2ps is a powerful and flexible tool that reads a GDSII or OASIS ® database and generates an encapsulated PostScript file for plotting on any PostScript printer.

  • Supports direct mask printing
  • Simplify plot with layer and cell exclusions
  • Fully customizable

GOTgds2ps is fully integrated with XYALIS IC Layout Manipulation suite and Mask Data Preparation solution and handles standard GDSII or OASIS ® layout format.

GOTdb2cif and GOTcif2db

GOTgds2cif and GOTcif2gds convert GDSII or OASIS ® layout databases into CIF file and reverse. CIF is a user readable format.

It is helpful for understanding and debugging databases as well as for building your own generators (ROM code generator…).

They handle standard GDSII, OASIS ® and CIF files and work directly on compressed of gzipped files.



  • Fast and safe format conversion


  • Datatypes management
  • User defined units
  • Directly operates on zipped or compressed files