As the cost of design and mask sets have dramatically increased with the most advanced processes, it is critical for design teams and mask data preparation teams to include robust and repeatable layout manipulation tools in their flow in order to increase their productivity and remove risk of error.

During the DFM and Mask Data Preparation, designers may have to extract specific cells from a layout database.

GOTpick-cell extracts any cell with its hierarchy from a GDSII or OASIS ® layout database. Well-suited for database recovery, GOTpick-cell is the ideal companion to GOTreplace to address local corrections.

GOTpick-cell is fully integrated in XYALIS layout manipulation suite and in XYALIS Mask Data Preparation solution. It handles standard layout: GDSII, OASIS ® and works directly on compressed of gzipped files.

GOTpick-cell can be run in command line mode for automatic processing and easy inclusion in an existing flow.


  • Safe ECO changes


  • Cell extractor
  • Recomputes coordinates in case of magnification
  • Directly operates on gzipped and compressed  files