XYALIS at SPIE Photomask 2013

XYALIS will be present at the SPIE Photomask conference, September 10th-11th 2013 in Monterey, CA, USA Booth # 510.

Xyalis at SPIE Photomask Conference 2013

XYALIS, the Mask Data Preparation specialist, will present : GTframe : automatic frame generator which now includes a visual debugger to solve placement conflicts. GTmask : the powerful and fully automated mask set edition tool. It increases productivity and eliminates the risk of error by automating repetitive manual tasks and by making sure that all masks in the mask set are compatible:

  • Supports any type of mask, from traditional 2.5X, 4X, 5X magnified masks to 1X masks for very advanced chips or large size dies with optimized flow supporting wafer level dummy filling for increased manufacturing yield
  • Speeds up mask set creation with reusable mask templates, for traditional and new mask sharing approaches such as Multi Layer Reticules (MLRs) and Multi Scan Masks
  • Optimizes step plans and wafer maps to produce maximum number of frames on the wafer.
  • Special features for MEMS designs

GTmodus is an enterprise wide repository for all photomask related information, which makes mask ordering easy and safe. Accessible to all design and Mask Data Preparation teams, GTmodus ensures that correct data is timely and securely exchanged across all teams involved, including remote sites and contracting design centers, mask vendors and fabs Helps Mask Data Preparation team’s choice of providers Enforces a robust and repeatable, fully customizable Mask Data Preparation flow, resulting in a correct by design SEMI-P10 compliant Mask Order Form Accessed through an intuitive and customizable web interface GTframe, GTmodus & GTmask complements the most advanced Mask Data Preparation solution on the market, covering:

  • Automatic frame generation
  • Multi-project wafer assembly
  • Wafer and mask assembly with multi-layer reticle management
  • CMP metal fill
  • GDSII / OASIS / MEBES file verification and generation

GTframe, GTmodus & GTmask will be on display at SPIE Photomask Technology 2013 Tuesday, September 10th from10:00 am to 4:30 pm Wednesday, September 11th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

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