Mask Data Preparation

  • Generation of Multi Project Wafers (MPWs) or shuttles
  • Generation of complex reticles
  • Intuitive mask set creation
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Dummy Filling

  • 3rd Generation of dummy filling
  • High speed parallel processing
  • Available at chip level, reticle level or wafer level
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  • Powerful toolbox for GDSII, OASIS ®, Mebes operations
  • High reliability for last minute updates
  • Secure your tapeout
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XYALIS at DAC conference 2022 : booth #2455

This year at DAC, XYALIS introduces new exciting features in its Mask Data Preparation field of expertise. Thanks to our frame generation automatic tool latest version, GOTframe, producing ultimate 3D frame chips has never been... [Continue Reading]


News & Press

April’22: New Release

- Grenoble – April 19th, 2022 – Today XYALIS unveils a new release bringing powerful improvements in the multi project wafer editor (GOTmuch) and in the frame generation engine (GOTframe). GOTmuch – Multi Project Wafer Editor... [Continue Reading]

XYALIS at DAC conference 2021 : booth #1407

- This year at DAC, XYALIS introduces optimized flows in its two areas of expertise. A new Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) design flow reduces thermal mechanical stress on reticules and improves MPW yield, by leveraging its production-proven... [Continue Reading]

Design Driven Dummy Filling

- XYALIS has set up a new methodology to allow an efficient design driven dummy filling technique. It is used in our dummy filling tool GOTstyle. The result has been presented in a paper during the 2021... [Continue Reading]
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