With new technologies, reticle mask sets have become more complex. As the number of layers has been steadily growing, the number of process specific items has increased to several hundreds. Therefore new approaches have been introduced to keep costs down, such as multi-layer reticles (MLR).

It is crucial for companies to setup a fully automated mask editing flow in order to shorten time to manufacturing and remove risk of errors.

GOTmask benefits

GOTmask is a powerful and fullyattachment_2794 automated mask set edition tool. It increases productivity and eliminates the risk of error by automating repetitive manual tasks and by making sure that all masks in the mask set are compatible:

  • Supports any type of reticle mask, from traditional 2.5X, 4X, 5X magnified masks to 1X masks with optimized flow 
  • Supports wafer level dummy filling
  • Speeds up mask set creation with reusable mask templates. This is done for traditional and new mask sharing approaches such as Multi Layer Reticles (MLR) and Multi Scan Masks
  • Optimizes step plans and wafer maps to produce maximum number of frames on the wafer.
  • Special features for MEMS designs


GOTmask is fully integrated in XYALIS Mask Data Preparation solution and handles standard layout and job deck formats: GDSII, OASIS ®, OASIS.MASK, MEBES, MALY (Semi P45). It can be run through a graphical user interface, or on the command line for automatic processing and easy inclusion in an existing flow.

GOTmask allows the automation of maskset creation process by providing a large set of commands for scripting. GOTmask includes a TCL and Python interpreters environment.

GOTmask includes database functions to record any information to help to automate mask order form generation. We provide to customers mechanisms to access standards sql servers. The structure of the mask database is customer dependent. It will take into account methodologies and processes set up at the customer site and on the nature of operations performed on the database.

Mask and wafer management

Thanks to integrated TCL and Python interpreters, GOTmask helps to build easily automated stitching 2D projects:

Stitching 2D

Stitching 2D



GOTmask has been developed to automate the mask set creation process:

  • Increase mask set creation productivity: automated field placement with reusable mask templates.
  • Avoid costly errors: fully automated mask set creation flow includes mask compatibility verification and integrated checks at every step of the mask generation.
  • Optimize silicon usage: automatic computation of  optimum wafer map.
  • Increase factory yield: dedicated 1X mask flow with wafer-level dummy fill.


  • Automated field placement with reusable template
  • Support Multi-Layer Reticles and Multi-Scan technologies
  • Optimized 1X Mask Flow
  • Automated creation of compatible step plans and wafer maps
  • Intuitive graphical environment
  • Automatic document generation in multiple formats
  • Error free final layout database merging
  • Scripting capabilities thanks to embedded TCL and Python interpreters environment
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