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Here is our tools versions history: GOTsuite_2204-15   Product name Version GOTarc 1.1b GOTcheck 1.5a GOTcif2db 2.2a GOTcross 3.1c GOTcsv2mch 2.0b GOTdb2cif 1.2b GOTdb2ps 1.2b GOTdeck 1.0b GOTdiff 1.4a GOTfig 2.1c GOTfiller 3.1a GOTframe 4.2a GOTghost-shape 2.0c GOTjob2msk 4.3a GOTlabel …

Large dies stitching: A Technical and Cross-Functional Teams Challenge


Philippe Morey, Frederic Brault, Eric Beisser, Farid BenzakourXYALIS – Grenoble – FranceConference: SPIE Photomask Technology + EUV Lithography, 2019, Monterey, California, United States ABSTRACT This paper addresses large dies stitching challenges. Stitching is a way to combine several shots ”stitched …

Customize your editor for XYALIS files


Configurations and customization files This page contains customization files to improve user interface when editing files for GOTmuch, GOTframe or GOTmask. We provide configuration files for the following editors : Emacs Nedit Vim Emacs Here is the configuration file for …

Layout Database File Control: The Missing Link


By Dr Philippe Morey-Chaisemartin & Frederic Brault XYALIS, France. Published in TechDesign Forum – May 31st 2018 As the exchange of layout descriptions between teams involved in modern integrated circuit (IC) development and production increase in terms of rate, value …

Automatic pattern localization across layout database and photolithography mask


Philippe Morey(1), Frederic Brault(1), Eric Beisser(1), Oliver Ache(2), Klaus-Dieter Röth(2)1: XYALIS – France2: KLA-Tencor MIE GmbH, GermanyConference: SPIE© Advanced Lithography, 2016, San Jose, California, United States ABSTRACT Advanced process photolithography masks require more and more controls for registration versus design and …

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