Mask Data Preparation

  • Generation of Multi Project Wafers (MPWs) or shuttles
  • Generation of complex reticles
  • Intuitive mask set creation
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Dummy Filling

  • 3rd Generation of dummy filling
  • High speed parallel processing
  • Available at chip level, reticle level or wafer level
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  • Powerful toolbox for GDSII, OASIS ®, Mebes operations
  • High reliability for last minute updates
  • Secure your tapeout
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XYALIS at DAC Conference 2024: #booth 2516

XYALIS celebrates 26 years of providing state-of-the-art software solutions that increase productivity and reliability of Mask Data Preparation (MDP).

With tools ranging from Multi Project Wafer (MPW) placement, frame generation, mask... [Continue Reading]


News & Press

Beyond tape-out: open the dark side

- XYALIS is excited to announce its participation in the FSiC2024 Free Silicon Conference in Paris, Sorbonne University, on June 20th, 2024. We will be presenting an article titled “Beyond Tape-Out: Exploring the Dark Side.” While... [Continue Reading]

Minimizing die fracture in 3DIC die integration

- XYALIS, in collaboration with Mosis, has published a new article in the Journal of Micro/Nanopatterning, Materials, and Metrology about “Minimizing die fracture in 3DIC die integration”. The demand for high-performance semiconductor products has led to... [Continue Reading]

XYALIS unveils Hartroid: A Strategic Initiative to Counter Hardware Trojans in Defense Systems

- Grenoble, December 18th 2023XYALIS is proud to announce, under the European Union Defence Fund, the start of the Hartroid project. Hartroid stands for “Hardware Trojans Identification in Large-Scale integrated circuits”. Hartroid will develop a solution... [Continue Reading]
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