During DFM and Mask Data Preparation it is required to merge heterogeneous layout databases (GDS, OASIS®, OASIS.MASK) at different stages of the flow:

  • Hard IP integration
  • Dummy tile insertion
  • Multi-chip assembly
  • Titles, revisions,  barcode insertion

Merging must be fast and reliable. GOTmerge automatically solves inconsistent units and cell naming problems.

GOTmerge is a tool that merges GDS, OASIS ®  and OASIS.MASK layout files into a single error-free  layout file to be used throughout the tape-out sign-off and mask ordering process:

  • Automatic renaming of cells to avoid multiple cell definitions issue with cross reference table to recover original names
  • Standardization of user and database units
  • Geometrical transformation

GOTmerge creates a correct by construct layout file in a matter of minutes.

GOTmerge is fully integrated in XYALIS layout manipulation suite and in XYALIS Mask Data Preparation solution. It can mix standard layout formats: GDS, OASIS ®  and OASIS.MASK.


  • Error-free creation of MCMs, MPWs from heterogeneous GDSII/OASIS® layouts
  • Easy instantiation of hard IPs
  • Fast finishing of layout prior to manufacturing: title and revision code insertion


  • Speed closed to a simple file copy when no format change is requested.
  • Supports any geometrical transformations
  • Multiple units management
  • GDSII/OASIS ® external libraries supported
  • Parameterized renaming style
  • Use of cblock option in OASIS ® files
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