GOTfig is an ultra-fast OASIS.MASK and MEBES / Jobdeck viewer.

GOTfig creates a png image from a MEBES / Jobdeck input file or from an  optimized OASIS.MASK file generated by GOTomat.

Taking advantage of the advanced features of the OASIS.MASK format, as well as OASIS ® properties instantiated by GOTomat, GOTfig is able to navigate large OASIS.MASK files very quickly. It also handles MEBES / Jobdeck databases blazingly fast.

GOTfig can generate a snapshot of any area in the input file or create a picture of the whole database. The size of the generated image is specified by the user.

GOTfig benefits from the advanced GDSII & OASIS ® TOOL (GOT) data representation engine developed by XYALIS in order to manipulate the largest layout files in a minimum computing time with minimum disk and memory requirements

GOTfig can output a clip of a 100um window within a 500Gb-1Tb database in less than a second.


  • Generates in less than 1 second a window image of a large OASIS.MASK or Mebes file


  • Snapshot in png format of any are of input file
  • Manage OASIS.MASK or Mebes input file format
  • Has a Preview mode to display the whole chip
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