As the cost of design and mask sets have dramatically increased with the most advanced processes, it is critical for design teams and mask data preparation teams to include robust and repeatable layout manipulation tools in their flow in order to increase their productivity and remove risk of error.

During DFM and Mask Data Preparation it is required to merge heterogeneous layout databases at different stages of the flow:

  • Hard IP integration
  • Dummy tile insertion
  • Multi-chip assembly
  • Titles, revisions,ย  barcode insertion


Merging must be fast and automatically solve inconsistent units and cell naming problems

GTmerge is a tool that merges GDSII and OASIS layout files into a single error-freeย  layout file to be used throughout the tape-out sign-off and mask ordering process:

  • Automatic renaming of cells to avoid multiple cell definitions issue with cross reference table to recover original names
  • Standardization of user and database units
  • Topological transformation


GTmerge creates a correct by construct layout file in a matter of minues.

GTmerge is fully integrated in XYALIS layout manipulation suite and in XYALIS Mask Data Preparation solution. It handles standard layout and job deck formats: GDSII, OASIS and works directly on compressed of gzipped files.

GTmerge can be run through an intuitive Graphical User Interface or on the command line for automatic processing and easy inclusion in an existing flow.


  • Error-free creation of MCMs, MPWs from heterogeneous GDSII/OASIS layouts
  • Easy instantiation of hard IPs
  • Fast finishing of layout prior to manufacturing: title and revision code insertion


  • Unlimited number of files
  • Supports any geometrical transformations
  • Multiple units management
  • GDSII/OASIS external libraries supported
  • Includes basic graphic patterns library (letters, numbers, bar-codes)
  • Parameterized renaming style
  • Directly operates on gzipped files
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