New Mask Data Prep Distribution

Grenoble – April 30th, 2019 – XYALIS unveils it’s latest tools version. This new semiannual distribution bring major enhancements in our MDP flow (Mask Data Preparation) family tools.

After adding connections capabilities to any SQL database server, we have added functionalities to face new challenges for 3D chips, stitching, etc. Frame generation, with GOTframe solution, has never been so easy to setup for the latest process requirements. The parallel computation option allows to insert hundreds of structures with complex constraints in empty scribe lines in seconds.
In our MPW editor, GOTmuch, we have added new scripting functions to access any SQL database server. Customer can now use KLayout in GOTmuch to view or edit a GDSII or OASIS database.

We have add more scripting functions in our Mask Management tools making even easier its integration in customer’s flow. 

See demos of our Mask Data Preparation flow’s new version at DAC in Las Vegas, NV, USA, June 3-5th, 2019.


Mask Data Prep flow at DAC 2019
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