May’21: New Release

Grenoble – May 12th, 2021 – Today XYALIS unveils a new release bringing powerful improvements to increase OASIS® reading/writing operations performance. 

  • Compression and decompression functions have been optimized so that reading or writing an OASIS® file with cblocks, which is the default behavior, is almost as fast as a straight access.
  • All generated OASIS® files are now in a “strict” mode. This will allow a much more efficient access to data when using high performance readers.
  • Layer names and file level properties will be kept when possible while reading and writing OASIS® files.


Benchmark Old version New version
Case 1: merge of OASIS files:
            Runtime (2 X faster)
            output file size (7 X smaller)

54 mn
50.2 GBytes

24 mn
8.2 GBytes
Case 2: merge of OASIS files:
            Runtime (4 X faster)
            output file size (7 X smaller)
3 h 42 mn
102.7 GBytes
51 mn
14.2 GBytes

The frame generation tool, GOTframe, has also been greatly enhanced by the addition of new options and features in the frame description file.

  • Protect layers generation for overlapping frames has been fully reworked to cover as much specific cases as possible.
  • It is now possible to set internal variables instead of using environment variables.
  • Scribe constraints may be defined on families.
  • Relative orientations HOR and VER may be used in rotation constraint formulas and are recognized as properties on items.
  • XGOTframeEditor is now able to handle all frame description file features and to rebuild a clean file from multiple sources. This can be done in command line mode.


And much more improvements…

To get this new release, please contact our support team by writing to support[at]xyalis.com

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