Nanoform long-term archiving solution

XYALIS introduces GTnano enabling long-term archiving solution at the World Trade Center’s Soft Biz Day, 28 november 2013. With GTnano, documents can be saved on a  Nanoform, which is a 4 or 8 inch synthetic sapphire or glass disks, for centuries. With the explosion of digital information, numerical data storage and archiving has become a major issue for most companies, organizations, and individuals. In the past, information was stored on paper and microfilms. news/nanoform-archiving/ news/nanoform-archiving/Today data is stored digitally on hard drives that may not be readable ten years from now. value domain names . The Fahrenheit project, driven by Arnano, has developed a highly stable, highly compact media dedicated to long-term archiving. Up to ten thousands A4 pages at 150 dpi (dot-per-inch) can be stored on a single Nanoform. XYALIS brings its mask data preparation expertise to Nanoform storage, with GTnano, a software which imports text or image documents, manage and place them automatically on the Nanoform. GTnano features include :

  • Import documents of different types, images, text, pdf, etc. with customer driven classification
  • Automatic placement in the nanoform to optimize surface usage
  • Automatic index generation
  • Color/grey scale image processing
  • Export data for nanoform wafer fabrication


Nanoform archive generation process




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