November’22: New Release

Grenoble – November 30th, 2022 – Today XYALIS unveils a new release bringing powerful improvements in the frame generation engine (GOTframe) and other tools.

GOTframe – Frame Assembly Generation Engine

  • Add new ordering items possibilities.
  • Add new centering items capabilities. It enables to center items in the whole scribe of the initial scribe width.
  • Possibility to protect items in the initial or enlarged scribe.
  • Improve items spreading operation.
  • Improve evaluation mode in case of manual modification of items placement. The errors can now be put in an error file that can be used in XGOTmuch so they can be displayed in the frame floorplan.
  • Automatically add sawing lines in the external scribes.
  • Add frame size and stepping information in the final summary.


GOTmaly – MALY (Semi P45) translator

  • The scale factor is now applied to the mask instead to the jobdeck command.
  • Enable multi lines comment
  • Add possibility to generate GOTomat (OASIS.MASK) command template from a GOTmask file.


GOTmask – Mask Set Editor

  • Generate GOTomat (OASIS.MASK) command template when exporting MALY format
  • Generates Calibre™ compliant extended jobdeck
  • Possibility to export job deck in python command.


And much more improvements…

To get this new release, please contact our support team by writing to support[at]xyalis.com.

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