Oct’20: New Release

Grenoble – October 20th, 2020 – Today XYALIS unveils a new release bringing new powerful features in mask data preparation and dummy filling tools. It includes a python interpreter for maskset manager and dummy fill tool. Also to increase OASIS reading/writing operations performance, compressed blocks (cblock) usage has been greatly improved.

GOTmask – Maskset editor tool

GOTmask, our mask set editor tool, now includes a python interpreter. Full automation can now use python scripts. All internal objects (maskset, mask, floorplan, stepplan, waferplan) are exposed as python objects with their attributes and methods. Note that TCL is still fully supported.

GOTstyle and GOTfiller – Dummy filling tools

GOTstyle and GOTfiller also embed a python interpreter. Dedicated classes and methods allow to easily customize a dummy map and instantiate various dummy cells.

New release dummy fill engine with python

Example of customized dummy fill with guard walls and curvilinear shapes

GOTcheck – Databases checking tool

GOTcheck is now able to provide some statistics through a graphical PDF output. Also, it can also display the layer names when available (in OASIS files).

OASIS® reading and writing

Reading and writing of compressed blocks (cblock) in OASIS® files has been greatly improved in order to reduce memory usage as well as files size. Therefore, all tools reading and/or writing OASIS® files benefit from these improvements and writing cblocks is now the default behavior.

To get this new release, please contact our support team by writing to support[at]xyalis.com

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