XYALIS announced today OASIS support for its family of layout finishing tools

GRENOBLE, France – November 20th, 2006 With files size explosion at 65nm and 45nm nodes, OASIS becomes a must have alternative for mask prep and layout finishing tasks. OASIS can achieve a compression ratio in the range of 10X for layout files compared to the old GDSII format.

OASIS open format also replace a multiplicity of formats that engineers have to deal with today in tape-out and mask preparation.

OASIS format can represent both hierarchical and flat data, and it eliminates a lot of the restrictions such as length of cell names, number of digits used to represent integers, and so forth.

XYALIS is the first company to offer a complete suite of tools for layout finishing supporting the new OASIS standard.

The first tools XYALIS will release are:

  • OASIS checker: GTcheck GTcheck efficiently verifies your OASIS file integrity. It performs critical input control during tape-out sign-off. GTcheck will provide the same high level of error detection than for GDSII files: full specification compliance, hierarchy integrity, misleading polygon description… and will perform all OASIS specific checks: 32/64 bits compatibility, checksum control, GDSII restrictions compatibility… GTcheck provides a summary report for the database content in a clear and easy to read format. It is fully scriptable for easy integration into a flow
  • OASIS viewer: GTviewer GTviewer is a fast and easy-to-use tool to display large OASIS databases with low disk and memory requirements. GTviewer is the only tool which displays a top view or a vertical cut view. Combined with its network and chat possibilities, it make GTviewer the ideal tool to share layout information between process and design engineers.
  • OASIS/GDSII file merge utility: GTmerge GTmerge is an efficient and easy to use tool to manipulate and merge large OASIS and GDSII databases. It performs topological operations during the merging of the databases. GTmerge optionally performs renaming of all cells and validates cell unicity in the resulting OASIS or GDSII database. A crossreference table is maintained to recover original names. GTmerge is also suitable for layout generation of simple structures, such as titles or revision code. GTmerge is also the preferred choice when dealing with Multi-Chip Modules or Multi-Project Chips, hard IPs integration, or dummy tiles insertion. GTmerge provides concurrent processing of multiple large design databases with multiple heterogeneous OASIS or GDSII databases inputs or outputs

XYALIS will introduce other product for OASIS support and expect to have a full line of layout finishing software by mid 2007.

XYALIS’s line of DFM tools for dummy fill  will also support the new standard.

Availability GTcheck and GTviewer will be available in january 07, GTmerge in march 2007.

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