XYALIS offers unprecedented capabilities with its New Multi-Project Wafer Preparation and management System

Grenoble, France – April, 26th, 2004 XYALIS announced today that it has shipped GTmuch V6.0, its next generation Multi-Project-Wafer (MPW) floorplanning and management tool.

Mask costs in the latest technologies become a key issue. This leads in new challenges in managing huge and heterogeneous databases.

For prototyping, the adoption of MPW program allows dramatic cost saving by sharing these costs among multiple projects.

GTmuch GTmuch is a specific tool for building and managing multi-project wafers masks.

It provides advanced features to support complex reticule assembly constraints.

GTmuch includes GDSII contributions validation prior database merging with name conflict resolutions, automatic placement optimization under parameterizable criteria, automatic metal-filling, final checks and MPW GDSII generation.

In addition to run time performance enhancements, this new release brings a new fully parameterizable graphic interface, and still, offers advanced scripting capabilities for process automation.

With this new version, GTmuch now offer import/export capabilities based on industry standard XML format.

User can interface with his preferred SQL compatible database and/or WEB based information system using simple standard procedure.

GTmuch generates a complete set of documentation in PDF or PS format for the different teams involved in the multi-project wafer such as reticule floorplan for designers, chip assembly/packaging resources as well as silicon area utilisation for purchasing/billing department.

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