XYALIS unveils Hartroid: A Strategic Initiative to Counter Hardware Trojans in Defense Systems

Grenoble, December 18th 2023
XYALIS is proud to announce, under the European Union Defence Fund, the start of the Hartroid project. Hartroid stands for “Hardware Trojans Identification in Large-Scale integrated circuits”. Hartroid will develop a solution to detect Hardware Trojans (HT) that could leak information or alter the functioning of defense systems.

European Union

This project has received funding from the European Defence Fund (EDF) under grant agreement EDF-2022-LS-DA-SME-HARTROID.

Communication technologies and computing systems are an integral part of today’s defence systems. They rely on complex System On Chips where several actors are involved in combining multiple functions on a single Integrated Circuits. This may create security risks; such as Hardware Trojans (HT) leaking information or alter the functioning of a Defence system. Hartroid will develop tools able to detect within 6 weeks a digital or analog HT. If no HT is present, the tools will be able to certify that a system is HT-free allowing for future fast and cost-effective security checks of systems on chips before being embedded in any defence products.

The consortium includes 3 companies: Shortlink AB from Sweden, UGIAT TECHNOLOGIES SL from Spain and XYALIS from France.
The consortium will leverage IMB-CNM’s experience and knowledge for reverse engineering of analog and digital IC.

XYALIS, an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company, focuses on two main flows of the layout finishing process: Mask Data Preparation and Metal Filling to address Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) issues.

About Shortlink AB
ShortLink is a competence center with a focus on the development of low-power electronics for wireless communication and portable products.

Ugiat Technologies is a company specialized in digital image/audio processing, computer vision, media content analysis and natural language understanding solutions.



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