XYALIS and SII NanoTechnology announce strategic collaboration

GRENOBLE, France, January 31st, 2011 Chiba, Japan, January 31th, 2011 XYALIS, a leader in Mask Data Preparation software, and SII NanoTechnology, a leader in Photomask Verification software, announced today that they have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to broaden availability of their Photomask Data Preparation solutions, strengthen worldwide support, and develop a unified front-to-back flow for Photomask design and verification. According to the new agreement, XYALIS will now distribute and support SII Nano Technology’s SmartMRC, the fastest state-of-the-art Photomask Rule Checker on the market, both in Europe, from its Grenoble, France, headquarters, and in USA, from its San Jose, CA, office. To enhance the reliability and automation of advanced Mask Data Preparation flows, XYALIS GTmask, a state-of-the-art Photomask Layout solution, and SmartMRC are now integrated into a proven flow. This extended cooperation agreement fosters a complete automated solution for photomasks design and verification. «The synergy and complementarity of our solutions made us natural partners and the implementation of this agreement was straightforward », states Eric Beisser, founder and CEO of XYALIS, «The first responses of our customers quickly confirmed the potential and benefits of this cooperation.» «Our complementary offerings and the similarity of the technical approach are strong assets for commercial successes in Europe and USA.» Says Tadao Inoue, manager of SII NanoTechnology. About SII NanoTechnology Inc. SII NanoTechnology Inc. is headquartered in Chiba, Japan, and is a solutions company that assists manufacturing industries in key processes including development, production and inspection. SII NanoTechnology offers solutions that meet customer needs in analysis, measurement and observation. Regarding Photomask manufacturing, SmartMRC contributes to the yield improvement of the mask and shortening the mask manufacturing and the inspection time. Web site: http://www.siint.com/

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