Versions history


Here is our tools versions history: GOTsuite_2211-30 ย  Product name Version GOTarc 1.1c GOTcheck 1.5c GOTcif2db 2.2a GOTcross 3.1c GOTcsv2mch 2.0b GOTdb2cif 1.2c GOTdb2ps 1.2d GOTdeck 1.0b GOTdiff 1.4b GOTfig 2.1d GOTfiller 3.1b GOTframe 5.0b GOTghost-shape 2.0c GOTjob2msk 4.4a GOTlabel …

Customize your editor for XYALIS files


Configurations and customization files This page contains customization files to improve user interface when editing files for GOTmuch, GOTframe or GOTmask. We provide configuration files for the following editors : Emacs Nedit Vim Emacs Here is the configuration file for …

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