The cost of a complete mask set has dramatically increased and now represents a significant part of the overall project cost. It is critical for design teams, mask data preparation teams, and mask shops to implement a robust XOR or boolean operations tool which increases the productivity of the mask set creation and removes any risk of error.

GOTpop is a fast engine which performs boolean and geometric operations, as XOR, on one or two layout files described in GDSII and OASIS ®. Operations include:

  • clipping,
  • sizing,
  • boolean operations: and, or, xor, sub, not,
  • fracturing.


GOTpop has been optimized for distributed processing.

GOTpop benefits from the advanced GDSII & OASIS ® TOOL (GOT) data representation engine developed by XYALIS in order to manipulate the largest layout files in a minimum computing time with minimum disk and memory requirements.

GOTpop includes a distant access mechanism based on HTTP sockets for driving the tool in client/server mode.

GOTpop is easy to use with no deck nor configuration file.

GOTpop is fully integrated in XYALIS layout manipulation suite and in XYALIS Mask Data Preparation solution.

Here is an example where we resize a file and use a XOR with a single line command:



GOTpop -i hello.gds -l 1 -r 0.3 -i hello.gds  -l 1 -r -0,3 –xor -o out.gds -p




  • Fast and safe boolean operations


  • Boolean operations : and, or, xor, sub, not
  • Clipping
  • Sizing
  • Easy to use, simple command line
  • GDSII, OASIS ®, OASIS.MASK formats
  • Massive parallel computation