Large dies stitching: A Technical and Cross-Functional Teams Challenge


Philippe Morey, Frederic Brault, Eric Beisser, Farid Benzakour
XYALIS – Grenoble – France
Conference: SPIE Photomask Technology + EUV Lithography, 2019, Monterey, California, United States


This paper addresses large dies stitching challenges. Stitching is a way to combine several shots ”stitched together” to create a die larger than what can fit on a photomask. This technique that was originally dedicated to advanced research is now more widely used and requires a fully automated industrial flow. Technical constraints come from a number of different actors and results must be shared by even more teams. We will present the methodology used to optimize both the yield and the data exchange between cross-functional teams. We will show how this automated flow can be easily customized to save more silicon thanks to advanced dicing techniques.

Keywords: Stitching, Mask Data Preparation, Dicing, Frame Generation, Information Exchange

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