Single-pass frame generation for multi-layer 3D circuits


XYALIS, in collaboration with ST Microelectronics,  has published an article about a new methodology to automatically build a single-pass frame for multi-layer 3D circuits.
This new methodology uses our frame generation tool GOTframe.

This result has been presented in the SPIE Photomask Technology Conference, Monterey, California, USA, September 26-29, 2022.


This paper presents a novel approach to automatically build frames for 3D chips. These chips may be obtained by stacking multiple dies, but are more often made by a backside wafer processing. This proposed flow works in a single pass and is based on a dedicated constraint-satisfaction software. In addition to the standard placement rules, the different types of constraints used for 3D frames are clearly identified: alignment, overlapping, mirroring. The method to generate separate frames is described. Results and performance obtained in production, for frames involving two different manufacturing processes for wafer front and backside, are detailed.

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ACM Reference Format:
Authors: Frederic Brault, Philippe Morey, Samuel Boret, Benedicte Bry, Ghislaine Castel, Antonio Marques, Julien Rouessard, and Christelle Segur.
“Single-pass frame generation for multi-layer 3D circuits”, Proc. SPIE 12293, Photomask Technology 2022, 122930Q (1 December 2022); https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2641690

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