XYALIS at JEVeC conference 2023 in Japan

XYALIS will be present at the JEVeC 2023 Day (Japan EDA Venture Liaison Committee) in Kawasaki, November 27th, 2023. We will present our solution for frame generation step that plays a critical role in mask data preparation flow.


Frame generation plays a critical role in mask data preparation flow. This task has become increasingly complex due to the need to place hundreds of heterogeneous objects within the scribe lines, each subject to a multitude of constraints. Without full automation, this step may significantly extend the cycle time or, worse, result in errors rendering the photo-masks unusable.

We introduce GOTframe, a software solution capable of generating various types of frames based on a simple list of objects in GDSII or OASIS, along with a set of constraints that define placement rules (including absolute and relative positioning, rotation, alignment, distribution, forbidden/allowed areas, and more). This tool is versatile, working equally well with regular arrays of chips and diverse Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) scenarios. It can also generate multiple aligned frames simultaneously for stacked chips, encompassing both front and backside processing.

Additionally, GOTframe is complemented by GOTfiller, a tool dedicated to dummy filling within the scribe lines. It seamlessly accommodates any type of filler cell and can adhere to any dummy filling rule. For fine-tuned customization, an embedded Python interpreter is included. This will allow, for instance, the automatic generation of crack-stop patterns at critical locations within the scribe lines.
Both tools are designed to lower cycle-time, improve yield and generally provide a fully automatic, reliable solution for industrial use.

See us at JEVeC 2023, Kawasaki City Industrial Promotion Hall exhibition, Kawasaki, Japan, Monday, November 27, 2023, from 10:00 to 18:00.

The presenter will be Frederic Brault, CTO at XYALIS.

JEVeC 2023, Kawasaki, Japan




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