Geometry-based signature for layout database comparison

Grenoble – May 31st, 2018 – XYALIS unveils a new method to compare layouts databases using a geometry-based signature enabling a safe and fast traceability process. Read the article on TechDesignForum.

Exchanges of layout descriptions between teams involved in modern integrated circuit (IC) development and production increase in terms of rate, value, and size. Therefore it becomes critical to implement a secure, reliable, and efficient information exchange flow between collaborating companies and teams. 


Electronic designs are not well suited to traditional file control systems. The same version of a design may come in different formats, especially as companies move from GDSII to OASIS for memory and processing speed reasons. Worse, with the flexibility that layout formats allow on the structure and organization of a layout file, a single design (identical cells instantiated in an identical hierarchy) may end up being described by two totally different files that will result in two very different file-based signatures. 


To address the specific demands of electronic design version tracking, XYALIS is introducing the geometry-based signature. It is a unique file which associates each technology layer with a checksum based on the geometric envelop of the layer’s polygons. This signature file is independent of the layout file format and of the design description strategy.

Until now, comparing a version of a design to its reference version required to perform a XOR between the two layouts. This XOR operation is a time-consuming process necessitating an access to both layout files. It is now possible to quickly compare a layout file to XYALIS reference geometry-based signature. The reference layout file doesn’t need to be transmitted anymore. Thus we improve the security of intellectual property.

A new tool, GOTdiff, has been released to helps users to use this unique geometry-based signature.


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